About Monastic Order

We work, alongside some of the most important European
monasteries, at the heart of reviving the ancient practice of
Benedictine spirituality.

With every act of work a prayer, the offerings these
institutions produce are made in pursuit of a quiet excellence,
with care taken to develop sustainable practices to
complement the enduring quality of their handiwork.

As the monks work to support themselves, they also share the
proceeds of their craftsmanship for the benefit of their local
communities, ensuring that both the spiritual and physical
labour contributes to the common good.

Flowing from enthusiasm for the great monastic history of
Europe and the spiritual heritage they cultivate, as well as a
pre-existing friendship with the monks of Norcia, brothers
Brian and Aidan, and Brian's wife Macey, began to explore
the realities of bringing Birra Nursia to beer lovers in the UK
during the first lockdown of 2020.

They were spurred by positive responses from guests at
Brian and Macey's wedding the year before, and it quickly
became clear that there was potential for a great beer to
break through a crowded market.

Not only that, but friends they spoke to were also interested
in the beer's unique story and wanted to support the mission
of the monks. Hence, Monastic Order was born with a view
to eventually bringing other high-quality European monastic
products to the UK.