Birra Nursia

In order to support the re-establishment of monastic life in
the birthplace of Saint Benedict, the monks of Norcia turned
to the ancient monastic practice of brewing beer.

They brew two types: a Blonde or Bionda, which stands
shoulder-to-shoulder with its great Trappist brethren with
whom they share a common heritage; and a dark ale, Extra,
which has been specifically designed with the meat-heavy
Umbrian diet in mind, and is layered with complexity but
without bitterness.

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Via Caritatis

Overseen by the award-winning oenologist Philippe Cambie,
Via Caritatis upholds the historical excellence associated
with the best wines of Provence. Bringing together the
wisdom of a life in tune with nature, an unsurpassed monastic
winegrowing heritage, and the oldest French papal vineyard,
Via Caritatis wines showcase exceptional quality across each
of its offerings.

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Although sharing a common dedication to a life of hard work,
prayer, and study, each monastery brings with it a unique heritage.
These monastic houses have often left a treasure of cultural
influence in the regions they are set, forming landscapes with their
viticulture, providing centuries of education and employment for
their local communities, and shaping an architectural legacy that
towers above European cities to this very day, in the form of great
churches, cathedrals, and universities.

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