La Trappe
Quadrupel 330ml
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La Trappe Quadrupel is a dark but warm amber coloured Trappist ale with a cream coloured head. Hints of cloves and nuts on the nose are balanced with sweet aromas of vanilla, banana and raisins. On the tongue, full and warm with intense taste, malty who is sweet tones of caramel and dates.

The original Quadrupel ale. 10% ABV.


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Quadrupel 330ml

Among the most forwardthinking of all the monasteries that brew beer, Koningshoeven Abbey has poured much time and effort into minimising the environmental impact of the beers whilst excelling in quality. The Quadrupel is a widely celebrated having won numerous Dutch awards as well as Gold in the European Beer Star competition. Ideally served between 10°-14°C.

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