Orval 330ml
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This deep red-orange Trappist ale brings fruitiness with slight acidity in the bouquet. A firm body follows with deep bitterness which fades with age, which leads to by a long dry finish. Orval is bottled with a yeast strain called Brettanomyces which gives the qualities of exquisite dry complexity and ageworthiness.

The gold standard for authentic Trappist ale. 6.9% ABV.

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Orval 330ml

Orval Trappist ale is the sole commercial output of the brewery. Brewed since the 1930s, it breaks down conventional beer genre expectations. Its reputation is of a superbly aging beer and with time the bitterness of youth fades and qualities of bright floral notes develop. Properly aged bottles of Orval open fetch several times the price of its original sale. This ale is a sediment-heavy beer and it is strongly recommended that when tasting for the first time a careful and clean pour into a wide open chalice should be first tasted before adding the yeast into the glass at the end of the drink for a completely different drinking experience. Should be served between 10°-15°C.

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