Tricollis White 2022
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A clean, crisp and precise white Hungarian wine. Fresh early summer fruits with delicate floral aromas follow into notes of citrus, melon and minerals. A bright and refreshing wine.

45% Welshriesling, 30% Rheinriesling, 15% Gewürztraminer, 10% Pinot Blanc. 12.6% ABV.


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Tricollis White 2022

Due to its strict technological processing, this wine delivers the fresh and crispy flavours of early summer fruits with its floral and pleasant aromas during its first months after bottling while exhibits the deeper character of the Riesling varieties for the following months and years. The harvested grapes are first destemmed and selected by an optical sorting machine and then they are crushed and pressed except Gewürztraminer that has a one-day-long cold maceration before being pressed. Following settling and clearing the juices are fermented by specific yeast cultures under controlled temperature conditions. The rapid, oxygen-free processing technology makes it possible to transfer the primary characteristics of the grape juices into the wine.

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