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Tynt Meadow
Tynt Meadow 330ml
£22.00 for 6 bottles
A rich mahogany coloured ale, dark chocolate, licorice and rich fruit notes on the nose. Full bodied with pepper fig and dark chocolate on the palate, dry finish.
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Tynt Meadow
Tynt Meadow Quintus 330ml
£26.00 for 6 bottles
Rich, full-bodied and imbued with a deep copper colour, this extra special bitter has a fresh, bready body driven by English hops. LIMITED EDITION.
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Tynt Meadow
Tynt Meadow Blond 330ml
£22.00 for 6 bottles
The Trappists of Mount St Bernard have produced a lighter, refreshing English style blond with hints of clove and peppers on a layer of delightful bitterness.
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