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Abbayes Ubi Caritas Et Amor Rouge 2019
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Opening with a powerful, complex nose marked by plum, blackcurrant, gooseberry, strawberry and cherry, this wines’ fragrance rewards attention. The complexity and aromatic finesse heralds a delicate and powerful mouthfeel, where the roundness of a beautiful ripe flavour is jostled by a fine bitterness that evokes black olive. The end of the mouth does not disappoint, with notes of bramble and black fruits forming a beautiful finale. The most patient connoisseur will wait for at least 10 more years before opening this wine, those in a hurry will open it 2 hours before and serve it at 16°C.

Grape variety: 100% Grenache.

Alc. 16%. Vegan.

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Abbayes Ubi Caritas Et Amor Rouge 2019

This wine comes from a selection of the most beautiful plots of the monastic vineyard, the result of the exclusive work of monks and nuns. This unique cuvée is produced in small quantities and only when the vintage allows it. The terraces of Saint Louis located on the hillside of the Monk’s Abbey constitute the majority of this parcel selection. The parcel of the Clos de l'Annonciation at the place called La Font de Pertus is also part of the composition of this cuvée. It is oriented towards the South and is more than 400 metres above sea level. The vines are planted in high density allowing competition between the feet, forcing them to develop their roots in depth and not on the surface, which makes it possible to reveal the terroir in a singular way. The harvest is done manually by monks and nuns in the first light of dawn after the Lauds office. Strict sorting of clusters is carried out on the plot to keep only the grapes perfectly ripe and healthy. The selected clusters are then placed in crates to avoid crushing and sent directly to the cellar where a second selection is made on a sorting table by a team of experienced monks. 15% of the harvest is directly introduced into the tank in whole clusters after a drastic selection of clusters with dry drafts. The rest of the grapes are scratched and slightly trodden. The macerations are long and are carried out at a controlled temperature. Ageing is short (7/8 months) to preserve the freshness of the aromas of the wine."

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