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La Trappe
Blond 330ml
£21.00 for 6 bottles
Golden yellow Trappist beer with a white foam collar and a rich flavour. An accessible, provocative beer with a slightly sweet, mildly bitter and malty flavour.
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La Trappe
Dubbel 330ml
£22.00 for 6 bottles
Classic dark-brown Trappist ale with an ivory-coloured head. Full malty and caramel-sweet taste with a subtle, sweet influence of dates, honey and dried fruits.
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La Trappe
Tripel 330ml
£23.00 for 6 bottles
Amber-coloured Trappist ale with a broken white head. The harmonious taste starts off fruity and shifts to malty caramel; a perfectly balanced ale.
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La Trappe
Quadrupel 330ml
£30.00 for 6 bottles
A strong, alcohol-forward body with rich amber colour. Malty, nutty with soft vanilla and full, intense taste with sweet tones of dates and caramel.
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La Trappe
Nillis 330ml
£26.00 for 6 bottles
A 0.0% alcohol-free beer. Dark, amber coloured with an off-white head, fruity and malty with a pleasant bitterness, caramel finish.
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La Trappe
Witte Trappist 330ml
£24.00 for 6 bottles
Light blonde, cloudy and firm with smooth, malty and lightly sour taste. First ever Trappist white ale.
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La Trappe
Puur Trappist 330ml
£24.00 for 6 bottles
Light blonde, cloudy and firm with fruity, hoppy and lightly bitter taste. First ever Organic Trappist ale.
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La Trappe
Isid’or Trappist 330ml
£26.00 for 6 bottles
Amber ale with notes of herbal, floral and fruity aromas.
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