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Lux Grandinis
Rosé 2021
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Lux Rosé surprises the drinker with hints of citrus and white fruits such as peach, that lead to a feast of berries and floral notes. The tongue is immediately dealt generous and intense flavours of raspberry and pomegranate, followed by mango and lychee. The final taste is persistent and dynamic, revealing the deep personality of this wine. Among the best rosés of Provence.


Grape varieties: Secret.

Alc. 13.5% vol. Vegan.

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Lux Grandinis
Rosé 2021

This rosé is a particularly special wine as it represents the Abbey’s contribution to what has historically been Provence’s most illustrious wines. Originally the wine of the Nobility, they were made from the very best grapes coming from the first grape pressings, whilst the remainders were then used to make red wine which was apportioned for the peasantry. This wine is sure to please the most demanding connoisseurs, and should be at the forefront of the reemergence, in English consciousness, of the extraordinary quality and pre-eminence of Provençal rosé wines.

The harvesting is done mostly by hand early in the morning, picking only the most healthy grapes, when they are perfectly ripe. The grapes are kept in the shade and slowly and carefully brought in one trip to the storeroom in order to maintain the best freshness. The crushing and pressing are done by a low-pressure machine, and the stems are removed. Once the must has been through the clarification process, it is racked into concrete tanks and fermented at a low temperature. It is aged on a thin layer of lees with batonnage style stirring over 6 months.

This vintage comes from several very complementary parcels which bring to it the richness of the Ventoux, in particular the parcel right above the Clairette, in the Sisters’ enclosed vineyard.

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