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Rajnai Rizling 2020
£19.00 per bottle
A lovely Hungarian riesling with mint leaves and grape blossoms on the nose meet grapefruit and lime on the palate.
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Tricollis White 2022
£19.00 per bottle
A crisp white wine with fresh early summer fruits with delicate floral aromas follow into notes of citrus, melon and minerals.
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Tricollis Rosé 2022
£19.00 per bottle
A dry rosé with aromas strawberries, raspberries and hints of vanilla. A palate of ripe red berries with touches of lime and sweet spices.
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Savignon Blanc 2022
£21.00 per bottle
A refreshing white wine with aromas of elderflower, gooseberries, green apple followed by hints of lemon zest and peach on the palate.
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Tricollis Red 2019
£23.00 per bottle
A dry red wine. Notes of cherry and redcurrant on the nose and mouth supplemented with fine cinnamon spices. Soft tannins result in medium-bodied blend.
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Hemina White 2020
£23.00 per bottle
A full-bodied Burgundian style white wine with aromas of white fruits and vanilla leading to toasted oak, yellow plum and spices on the palate.
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Hemina Red 2020
£30.00 per bottle
A dry red Bordeaux style blend. Red fruit, tobacco, vanilla and silky tannins.
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Prior White 2022
£34.00 per bottle
Aromas of ripe tangerine, orange, and white flowers. Citrus, honey and minerals with an excellent combination of acidity and taste on the palate.
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Pinot Noir 2021
£35.00 per bottle
A remarkable, dry Pinot Noir. Abundant early summer red berries, ripe raspberry and black cherry with hints of spice.
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Prior Red 2022
£48.00 per bottle
A sophisticated Pinot Noir. Black and red fruits on the nose followed by well-balanced acidity, low tannins and black and red fruits with clove in the mouth.
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Infusio Red 2021
£69.00 per bottle
An exquisite dry red. Ripe bramble and cranberry with vanilla on the nose, dried sour cherry, plum, coffee and chocolate on the tongue with an elegant mouthfeel.
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